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One Way Backlinks
We offer a variety of text link services to help you obtain higher search engine rankings, link popularity and increase your Google PageRank. Our unique service allows you to instantly add your static text links to over one million content rich article web pages in over 60 different categories. Prices start at just $.01 per text link per month!


Our text link inventory includes over 100,000 articles published on thousands of different websites. The article software is built to be search engine friendly to ensure all articles (and your text links) get crawled and indexed.

Additional benefits of buying text links through One Way Back Links:

  • One way links are the best way to improve your search engine ranking.
  • Buying quality inbound links from One Way Back Links is fast, simple and effective.
  • We offer text links on thousands of different web sites.
  • Build links and anchor text with keywords relevant to your business.
  • Ability to vary anchor text throughout the campaign.
  • Build Link ads to sub pages within your website (deep linking).
  • Complete real time control enables you to promote new product pages quickly and effectively.

One Way Backlinks
Our unique software allows you to manage all of your text link purchases in real time and specify the the type of text link, the category and the even the actual page on which your text link will be displayed. You will have 3 incredible text link options to choose from!
One Way Backlinks
Link popularity and link relevancy are the two primary factors in the way that most search engines determine rankings. Our service will help you by providing the opportunity to add text links across a wide variety of web pages as well as providing a way to designate the category of the web pages on which your text links will appear.

We are so confidant that you will love our service that we are willing to let you try our service risk free for one week. If you are not satisfied, simply email us and we will provide a 100% refund.

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